Essay on The Truth About Nuclear Weapons

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There is a belief amongst those in the field of international relations that the lack of any major conflict has been due to the introduction of nuclear weapons. It is believed that the destructive power of these weapons have forced states to ponder more intently before taking a course that would lead to conflict. However, this belief is not held by all. Ward Wilson in his book “Five Myths about Nuclear Weapons” he argues that the causation between the lack of major conflict and nuclear weapons is either exaggerated in some case and in others it does not exists. This idea is further added to by the words of Former Defense Secretary Macnamara found in the documentary “Fog of War.” Each of these men use arguments depicting human nature and the idea you can’t use a negative to prove a positive. While each of these individuals make a rational argument and use valid points in an attempt to prove their idea, what they fail to do is fully delve into the history of the events they depict and leave out important details that could actually show how nuclear weapons did deter a larger conflict. One of Wilson’s main argument in Chapter 4 of his book is it can’t be proven that the era known as the “long peace” was caused by the addition of nuclear weapons as there is no way to go back to see if such a peace would not have lasted without nuclear weapons. To show this he uses the example of sacrificing virgin in a volcano. Each year a virgin is thrown into volcano and each year the…

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