The Truth About Human Life, And The Root Of Our Being Essay

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“How about this one: you are simply a distinction—a meme—invented because it was convenient to talk about the parts of the universe that feel pain when hit with a hammer. To the universe, there’s no you . . . or human beings or giraffes or solar systems or galaxies. All those are human-invented distinctions. They are all memes.” Richard Brodie is the author of Viruses of the Mind and within this book he reveals what he believes is the truth about human life, and the root of our being. Two films connect to Brodie’s opinions, forming a realistic visualization of what he attempts to explain. Sam Mendes’ American Beauty and Mike Nichols’ The Graduate bring together Brodie’s concept of being. The films show how the mind controls one’s actions, along with pleasurable activities such as sex or drugs, and how such activities can lead to an inevitable future… if one exists. Also, sex is portrayed differently in other cultures such as the Aboriginals. Paralleling this idea, life questions such as Who am I? and Who are we? remain unanswered and left to personal opinions. Sex among humans can best be analyzed using the Aboriginals as an example. In Aboriginal societies, sex is a driving source of life and only that. The men in Aboriginal clans are restricted with whom they can marry and have sexual intercourse with for reproduction. “The basis of ritual eroticism in Aboriginal culture is the union of the human life force with the vital energy that permeates all of nature” (Lawlor,…

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