The Triangle Is Conceived As A Natural Phenomenon Observable Through All Forms Of Life

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Another of the most important concepts of this theory is that of triangles, refers to the predictable ways in which people relate to each other in an emotional field. “The triangle is conceived as a natural phenomenon observable in all forms of life” (Kerr, M. Bowen, M., 1988; Bowen, M., 1989; Bowen, M., 1991).The movements of the triangles can be so unpredictable that is hardly possible to observe in calm emotional situations, while increases are often in the presence of anxiety and tension. The less differentiated people are moved as pawns by emotional tensions, while the better differentiated are less vulnerable to stress states. “The lower level of differentiation, the stronger the emotional attachment and not turn out to parents and more intense are the mechanisms for controlling differentiation”. (Bowen, M., 1989; Bowen, M., 1991). Emotional Triangles constitutes the basic unit of any relational system and describes the dynamic equilibrium of a three-person system. “Relational predictable pattern determined, or a series of automatic movements chain reaction, related emotional forces flowing from three individuals who are within the same emotional field”. (Kerr, M. Bowen, M., 1988; Bowen , M., 1989; Bowen, M., 1991; McGoldrick, M., 1995; Guerin, P., Fogarty, T., Fay, L. and Kautto, J., 2000). The triangle concept involves a process that operates as an automatic response to anxiety. The high amounts of anxiety associated with dual relationships allow the…

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