The Treaty Of Ghent : The United States ' Second War Of Independence

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One of America’s treaties which is called The Treaty of Ghent is the result of the war of 1812 is often referred to as the United States’ second war of independence because, like the Revolutionary War, it was fought against Great Britain. This War resulted from the battle between American patriotism and the war Britain and their allies were waging against the empire of France. Most Americans think that England was trying to degrade the United States, limit its growth, and maybe even force a quasi‐colonial status on it’s previous colonies.
So years before the war on December 3rd, 1775, (John Paul Jones) who is believed to be the father of our navy raised the first American Flag over the Continental Naval Ship Alfred. It’s said that the first American Flag was the Grand Union Flag. Which had thirteen red and white stripes was taken straight from the British East Indian Company Flag. From this flag our current American Flag developed, also while the adoption of the Grand Union Flag which in reality is the British East Indian Company Flag. It was intended to denote the fact that the United States of America would be an autonomous Corporate Colony under the authority of the King of England and not an independent nation.
Also in 1783 the British apparently recognized American freedom in the Treaty of Paris. Some who have often studied history indicated that the Treaty of Paris was very generous in the United States in terms of recognizing significantly enlarged borders. The…

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