The Transcontinental Railroad And The Railroad Essay

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The Transcontinental Railroad
The Transcontinental Railroad was a legendary Civil Engineering feat that created an entirely new way of settlement and trade in the West that had hardly been imagined. The Railroad changed the life of the travelers and settlers in America. A trip from the East Coast to the West Coast that used to take six months then took a mere seven days. Without the intelligence of great men like Theodore Judah and Grenville Dodge, who were Chief Engineers of the Railroad, the thousands of American and Chinese workers, and generous land grants from The Government, a feat as grand as the Transcontinental Railroad could never have been accomplished. In this review, I will be assessing four articles by Jeff Brown, James Ronda, Philip Chin, and John Koster.
Jeff Brown is a contributing editor to the Civil Engineering Magazine. In the article, “Uniting the States: The First Transcontinental Railroad,” Brown starts off by implying the fact that The Transcontinental Railroad had been a dream coveted for a long time, especially by a New York business man, Asa Whitney who had lobbied for the project in the 1840’s. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers even looked for land to run the railway across in the 1850’s. Brown conveys that such a dream could not become a reality without Federal aid, and with the Government being divided by the North and South, the route of the railroad could not be agreed upon. Luckily, with the secession of the South, the Union was free to…

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