The Tragic War: The Last Battle Of Beowulf

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The Last Fight

Beowulf is written in Old English from a Christian monk during the fifth century reflecting the Germanic tribes and a medieval past. Beowulf is about a Germanic leader, who will fight for his people no matter what. He is known for his great strength, courage, and generosity. Beowulf is also known for his many victories that he has won while fighting in battle and his unbearable strength to where he has to fight with specific swords to uphold his strength. Beowulf took part in three different vigorous battles, one with Grendel’s mom and a second one with Grendel himself. The last and final battle was between Beowulf and the dragon, which happened fifty winters later. This particular battle is very important because it portrays
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“Beowulf was foiled / of a glorious victory. The glittering sword, / infallible before that day...” (2583-2585). The poet emphasizes Beowulf’s unwillingness to meet the death and the afterlife. His sword was unable to do the job of killing the dragon. His sword has fallen and has done him no justice when in battle. Now that this day has come his sword used to be able to get him through any battle on any given day, but this particular time when he met his fate his sword could not live up to its full potential and perform in battle. It could not hold up to the adversity. Beowulf still had not given up, showing the virtue of strength and dignity that he is not ready to stop fighting for his people yet. He still has a little fight left in him through his virtue of bravery and the willingness to continue the Germanic fate of victory, which Wiglaf is the only one who helps him pursue his fight with the dragon to receive the victory. If it was not for Wiglaf, Beowulf would not be able to uphold his name as a true warrior for his lord. Beowulf himself wants his people to see him as a warrior and not a defeated failure. Beowulf is not ready to see his fate and part away from his people yet. He has created peace with his people and he does not want the peace and bonds he has made to be broken. This can result in chaos to break out among the people who have stood behind him through all …show more content…
It may not have been the outcome he wanted, but he still had his virtue of loyalty and bravery for his people and as a warrior to his lord. Beowulf fought during his weakest life period of age due to his strength not being as it used to be. He is not able to be swift and sly like his younger days, but that cannot affect or determine how his fate is for his life. Beowulf has built up trust with his people and he knows that his land has been at peace for over fifty years and the fight between him and the dragon would be destruction of evil from darkness and could end the peace for his people and cause them to ignore the Germanic virtues and not follow the orders of the king or the leader when he is gone. Beowulf was a Germanic warrior who fought for his people and was willing to take a chance and sacrifice oneself for his

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