The Tragedy That Befell The World During The Holocaust Essay

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Perhaps the most dreadful event in recent history is the tragedy that befell the world during the Holocaust. Throughout a twelve year period, the Nazis were able to wreak havoc and torture innocent people purely because of their “inferiority”. The Nazi ideology was rooted in the idea that the German race was superior to all, and this state of mind was behind all of the atrocities that took place in Germany and surrounding areas. While the majority of the worst travesties took place during the final years of the holocaust, there was a significant build-up to those events, which took place throughout the years from 1933 to 1938. During these years, the Nazis began to show their true intention to the world, and began their systematic persecution of all races they believed were under them. Among these were male homosexuals, Roma and Santi peoples, and Jews. Although homosexuality had long been frowned upon in Germany and surrounding countries, the level of dissent for this lifestyle was intensified during the holocaust. Under Nazi regime, the homosexual population would receive persecution ranging from the termination of homosexual organizations to being placed in concentration camps with other “inferior” people. This was due to the fact that “the Nazis believed that male homosexuals were weak, effeminate men who could not fight for the German nation” (Website 1). In fact, the Nazis believed that homosexual men were less likely to produce children and therefore would not…

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