The Tragedy Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust is a heinous genocide that took millions of lives. Unfortunately due to no one stepping in, there was a mass slaughtering of people in the Jewish faith. After the Holocaust there was a lot of rebuilding of the Jewish faith that had to happen. For example if they still believed in God or not. There was a lot of guilt and it was a hard concept for people of the Judaic faith to accept, because if the Holocaust was an act done by God, that means they were guilty of something as a community. On the contrary if the Holocaust was not an act committed by God that would mean God does not exist. Not only does a new relationship with God has to be built; but so does their relationships with people have to be reformed. A huge reason on why what happened during the Holocaust was the lack of people speaking out against Hitler and his supporters. The Holocaust was and still is a very complex issue that happened in history. To give one general reason on why the Holocaust was so bad would definitely do no justice to the actual issue. Looking at it through different lenses is the best way to address the issues of the Holocaust. Some of the social issues that will be addressed are the theological beliefs of the judaic religion before and after the holocaust had ended, relations between the Jews and Christians, and why there was more of a bystander effect during the Holocaust. After the Holocaust, there was a significant amount of crosstalk and theological arguments that took…

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