The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' The Chapter By Scodel On Sophoclean Tragedy

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The chapter by Scodel on Sophoclean Tragedy introduces the reader to the dynamic and catastrophic world (of what is left) of Sophocleans’ dramas. He introduces the writer, his tragedies, and all the elements that constitute the dramas. Scodel delves into the components Sophocles utilized to create the unique dramas and engaging characters. Scodel uses specific examples from various tragedies to convey the style, the tradition, and the portrayal of characters. Finally Scodel introduces Sophocles use of dramatic technique, and the ethical values displayed continuously within his tragedies. Sophocles once described as one of the best tragedians as well as “good tempered” and nice, lived a life under the public eye. Not only is he well known for various dramatic works, but he also served the public. In 443/42 Sophocles was a treasurer for the Athenian alliance. Following this position he was elected general, a well renowned position within Athens’ highest office during the time. Scodel claims, “...Sophocles quickly became a symbol of Athens and its most perfect cultural product in its greatest period” (Gregory 233). Great historical figures such as Aristotle were even referencing Sophocles tragedies in their works. He was truly a good-natured member of Athenian society whose life and works reflect the tradition and culture he was a part of. Unfortunately throughout time many of Sophocles works have been lost along with information surrounding these creations. The plays that…

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