Essay about The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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The statement Macbeth’s tragedy is due to his excessive ambition is incorrect. Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare. Macbeth’s tragedy was his downfall; Macbeth went from being a noble servant of the king, to a detested tyrant. The witches caused Macbeth’s focus and thoughts to change, due to their mischief and meddling, this ultimately brings Macbeth down causing a tragedy. Lady Macbeth played a large role in the tragedy of Macbeth, her words and actions caused him to act differently and do things he never would have done. Hecate in particular, formed tragedy and atrocious events within Macbeth’s life, by committing to make his life hell, by getting more personal with her prophecies.

The tragedy of Macbeth was his ultimate downfall, from faithful, noble and respected to despised, covetous and egotistical. Early in play, the captain reports to the king, Duncan, of the warfare currently going on. The captain tells Duncan that Macbeth was “brave” (A1, S2, L16), and his “sword” was “smok’d” (A1, S2, L18) due to him executing many enemies, especially “the merciless Macdonwald” (A1, S2, L9). These are examples of the appraisal Macbeth received early in the play, he is clearly highly regarded and very noble to his country and king, in the way he fights. Whilst in conversation with Macduff, Malcom refers to Macbeth as a “tyrant whose sole name blisters” his “tongue” (A4, S3, L12). And in Malcom’s final speech, he refers to Macbeth as a “dead butcher” (A5, S8, L71).…

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