The Tragedy Of Hamlet Prince Of Denmark Essay

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Cain from the Bible killed his brother out of lust of his land and praise by his parents. The first family on earth was even tempted by the power of lust leading to the death of his brother for his land and riches. The great William Shakespeare wrote the tragic drama The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark that portrayed life in the same storyline as Cain and Abel of lust and jealousy controlling their actions. Instead of it being Cain the brother is named Claudius and the King Hamlet was Abel. Claudius was jealous of the king and his kingdom. He then murders the king, in which the prince, Hamlet the king 's son, vows for revenge. He started investigating and eventually killed his loves father, brother, his own uncle, but while his own mother was poisoned his uncle, and in the end as he died as well. Therefore the greatest power in this drama is lust as the focal point of all the chaos and destruction. The first very clear example of lust in this drama was the late King Hamlet’s brother murdering him and marrying his wife to become king. In the first scene of the tragedy the late King Hamlet’s ghost and eluded some very powerful words to the prince, saying, “Rankly abused. But know, thou noble youth,/ The serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ Now wears his crown” (I.i. 45-47). The late King’s ghost came and visited Hamlet and exclaimed that his brother had killed him and stole his crown. The serpent that did sting him was his brother acting on his lust of the crown.…

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