Essay about The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Although Hamlet was intellectual when it came to his plans, he was overly obsessed with vengeance to kill Claudius, and is very indecisive especially on his plans to kill him. In the tragedy Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Prince Hamlet lost his father and has been depressed ever since. His uncle Claudius took over the throne and married Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. One day a ghost, Hamlet’s dead father, told him how Claudius killed him by putting poison into his ear. Hamlet seeks revenge for his dead father and wants to kill Claudius for his crime. Hamlet deals with many adversities with his family, friends, and himself. His father was killed by Claudius who married Gertrude and took over the King’s position. His so called friends can’t be trusted because all they wanted was for the King to accept them and claim their rewards for helping him, excluding Hamlet’s trusted friend Horatio. Hamlet also suffers from a mental illness ever since his father’s death. His appearance has caught his mother off guard because he always wore black. He would always be upset because of his father’s death and the fact that only after two months after his father’s death his mother remarries. Hamlet was in depression and would find any excuse to kill Claudius because of his hatred towards him.
Hamlet is truly suffering from a mental illness, Depression, because of his father’s death and it’s quite possible that he’s losing his sense of reality. In many cases Hamlet suffers from psychotic depression,…

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