The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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One of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays was the tragedy of Hamlet. Hamlet is a revenge play with so many unanswered questions left to the people watching or reading. In this play almost every character has their own internal and external conflicts. Their internal conflicts deal with what’s going on inside their heads and the external conflicts are things that everyone can see going on. In Hamlet the characters like to talk about their internal conflicts rather than acting on them. Hamlet’s conflicts revolve around fear of taking action from what he thinks he needs to do and what is right to do in the end. Sometimes Hamlet cannot keep his internal conflicts from becoming his external conflicts and getting in the way of his revenge plan. Prince Hamlet is more of a talker and less of a doer. When Shakespeare was writing this play he made most characters’ deal with something tragic going on around them or inside them. They dealt with it by getting revenge and in the end most all end up dead because of it.
Prince Hamlet through the whole play has his own conflicts of thinking he should get revenge on his uncle Claudius, that murder his farther. It is one of the main external conflicts of the play and it makes the plot and the theme of all about getting revenge. The main internal conflict Hamlet has is not being able to make decisions and it is his worst downfall. His farther Old King Hamlet came to him as a ghost and told him he need to honor his death and kill Claudius,…

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