Essay on The Topic Of Abuse And Sexual Abuse

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First, in regards to this week 's research paper I will be using the topic of abuse. There are many types of abuse ranging from verbal abuse, mental abuse, child abuse, and sexual abuse. However, I will be touching on domestic abuse for this week 's paper. In the research I want to find some additional information to help me understand the topic more and try to help people in the abusive situations. All of these questions are important when talking about the topic of abuse. The answers could determine some new research, help cure people, and stop the behavior from repeating again. Every clue helps in situations like these and prevention is always the key.There was no reason why I chose domestic abuse other than furthering research.

Next, some things that need to be research are when did the abuse begin in the relationship, how many episode 's occur during a week, and how does the person being abused heal after the episodes. The person who is being abused age needs to be determined as well as the sex. Are there more young victims than older victims? This would be interesting to find out and be further researched. The factors regarding these answers could show different answers and reveal some new evidence. All of these questions are important when talking about the abuse topic. The questions all have some new insight and will determine more in depth thought and answers. Some people may think it only happens to certain people, but this is far from the truth.

During the…

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