The Three Strikes Sentencing Laws Essay

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The three strikes sentencing laws was established in 1994 under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The law of three strike sentencing Allows for a repeat offender to receive a mandatory life imprisonment sentence for multiple prior serious or violent felony convictions. (Brown & Jolivette, 2005). The three strike law came to fruition after the murders of two California girls Kimber Reynolds and Polly Klass at the hands of prior felons. Twenty four states have passed the "three strikes and you 're out" laws. Although they share a name, Three Strikes laws are quite different. The types of crimes counted as strikes, and the sentences mandated upon conviction vary widely, and these variations between states in Three Strikes legislation result in differences in the laws’ consequences.
California, a state whose three strikes law is widely recognized as being the broadest and most controversial, it enacted that any felonies can subject a defendant to a term of 25 years to life in prison for a non-serious or nonviolent felony if they had any prior (Brown & Jolivette, 2005). It raised a lot of question about the US Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Cases like the Ewing v. California brought light to the issue the case involve a repeat offender sentenced to prison for 25 years to life under the three strike law for stealing golf clubs from a Los Angeles country club after previously being convicted of burglary, and armed…

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