Essay on The Three Goals Of The Modern American

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Go to school, get a job, succeed: the three goals of the modern American. However, without the first two goals, success does not appear to be a realistic option. America used to be the land of opportunity, but it is no longer the case - so economists say. People from low class, out of country, or disadvantaged families could come to the United States and succeed enough to create a better life. Yet, the 21st century has proved different. Upward mobility is a far reach for many, families tend to stay in the same social classes even through generations. The elite are still gaining while the poor are still losing. Many feel that some of these issues are due to the idea of the bounty, a term for all the productivity of life gains provided by new technologies; basically, the more efficiently we can produce, the better off we will be. In support of this idea, the standard of living has increased tremendously over the years thanks to innovation, but at what cost? People have been spending more, but with less of a cushion. They are accepting the debt that comes along with maintaining such a living, students burden huge loans in order to have opportunities for their future careers and endeavors. As a student in college right now, I can admit that I am the prime example of a person who is willing to take on debt in hope for a successful career and future. However, from watching my mother in her career aspirations, I can tell that the workforce will not be an easy feat. Sure, I am…

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