The Threat Of Cyber Terrorism Essay

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The nation of Tuvalu is proud to be part of the United Nations General Assembly seeking to “examine potential threats to territorial sovereignty and security as a result of Cyber Terrorism, produce effective legislation on the production, stockpiling, and use of biological and chemical weaponry, and discuss the militarization and weaponization of space” (Mahmoudi 2). These issues are important to Tuvalu because we understand that one country affected by any of these actions will cause a global chain-reaction, harming even the smallest of countries.

I. Potential threats to territorial sovereignty and security as a result of Cyber Terrorism
Within the past decade, cyber terrorism has become an increasingly popular method of terrorism used to attack government systems, financial systems, aviation systems, and large public or private corporations. Cyber terrorists are able to cause small and large-scale destruction without fear of being held accountable. The main appeal for cyber terrorists is the ability to instigate fear in the public in order to further their own personal agenda. This form of terrorism is also convenient for those involved because of the relatively easy access to public Internet and computer networks in the modern era.
Previous cases of cyber terrorism, including the recent cyber attacks on Estonia, have taught us this is an issue that requires a global response. The Estonian attacks, which started in April 2007, affected many organizations, including…

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