Essay on The Things They Carried And Love Medicine

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Structural Techniques Structure in a novel can improve the story to make it a more important story. The structure in the stories help make them become a form of literary fiction. In the stories The Things They Carried and Love Medicine, the authors use multiple different structure techniques to help improve their stories. These techniques make the story interesting to read and make the characters much more relatable. But, the techniques make the stories more complicated and therefore more difficult to read. Both of these stories use multiple point of views, verb tenses, and several other techniques to tell their story.
Foremost, Tim O’Brien and Louise Erdrich use multiple point of views to tell their story. Both novels tell some parts in third person. In The Things They Carried, the first chapter, titled “The Things They Carried,” tells things in third person and starts the story showing what the characters carry. It shows how much weight all the soldiers carry, like when it says that they carried the atmosphere on page 14. In Love Medicine, the introduction to the first chapter, titled “The World’s Greatest Fisherman,” is in third person. In this book it focuses on June’s moments leading up to her death, and it ends saying she was going to walk through the snowstorm to get home on page 7. This introduces her as a major character in the book, although she does not make another appearance as a real character. Both of these stories start out like this to introduce the…

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