The Theory Of Morality And Ethics Essay

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If you’ve ever observed animals living in their natural habitat, you might see how well off they appear to be. In his Fundamentals of Ethics, Shafer-Landau brings up the idea that many theorists of Morality and Ethics believe that perhaps the key to morality is understanding our place in the natural order of things, similar to what many animals do with the exception of comprehension. This belief is laid upon the foundation of the Natural Law Theory. This theory explains that good human beings are those who fulfill their true nature; bad human beings are those who don’t. At the core of it all, it tells us that actions are right just because they are natural, and wrong just because they are unnatural. According to this theory, the moral law is the natural law in which we are required to act in accordance with our nature. This theory also says that the more people achieve their true nature, the better they are. It identifies human nature as serving as the objective standard of morality. Meaning, we do right when our actions coincide with human nature, and do wrong when they go against it. With this belief, morality can be acquired as long as know what our human nature is and what certain actions fulfill it in order for us to live a good life.
Theorists of the natural law theory hold that human beings all share a set of innate traits derived from birth, which define who we are. Our human nature is what we’re born with and therefore the things we eventually learn from society…

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