The Theory Of Criminal Acts And A Bad Lifestyle Essay

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The phrase “survival of the fittest” has been a stated time after time. What is this phrase really referring to? In the early 1900s a theory known as the Lombroso theory claim this very phrase. This theory argued that criminals were less involved than non criminals, because of physical features. In other words, a criminal was not made, but born a criminal. The now dominate theory, Biosocial Theory of Crime, suggest that criminals and non criminals are no different from one another.
The only difference between the two is the social environment that each individual is being exposed to. The importance of this theory is whether or not the social environment an individual lives in does indeed affect their social behavior. This theory determines that traits a person can develop lead up to criminal acts and a bad lifestyle.

Literature Review

Supposing this theory, a lined with each person who is a criminal would consist of, just as Cloninger (1987) mentions three super-traits that each personality contains. According to Capsi (1998) individual’s high negative emotionality and low in constraint are more likely to interpret events as threatening and act on their impulse. These three super-traits are known as Negative emotionality which consist of what Capsi mentioned in his study.
When these individuals experience intense reactions such as anger, are most likely to respond in such event with aggression. The Constraint trait consist of impulsivity and the Positive…

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