The Theories Of Crime And Crime Essay

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Since all human beings have innate traits and weaknesses, sociologists do not see any problem in explaining why individuals indulge in criminal activities. Criminology is defined as a branch of sociology that gives an account of the causes of crime, some of the effects of crime and their social implications in the society. The development of human beings is controlled by traits that individuals are born with (Siegel 2010). Criminology theories explain the existence of certain behaviours in individuals but do not give an account of why criminal rates change from one place to another. There have been many theories explaining why crime exists in the society today. These theories use facts through observations of factors which are associated with crime. On the contrary, control theories use psychological, biological and social aspects of life to explain why people are involved in crimes. Control theory originated from criminology classical school but it is mostly affiliated a French sociologist known as Emile Durkheim who is considered as one of the sociology founders. According to Akers & Sellers (2008), several factors are associated an individual’s behaviours and behaviours change over time in their stages of development. These factors vary from heredity, social, environmental, nurture and nature which influence human behaviour over time. This paper gives a highlight of control theories in criminology.
Control theory mostly emphasizes on the childhood development which…

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