What Is The Theme Of The Poem Just By Ee Cummings

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E. E. Cummings is an extraordinary poet who is well known for his use of different structures that convey his theme in his writing. Cummings makes a name for himself by exploring new, unique ways and styles of writing unknown to most people. Cummings commonly uses themes in relation to love, nature, and experiences in his past. In Cummings’s poems, structure and theme go hand in hand. He uses different structures such as the use of lowercase letters, unusual punctuation, misspelled words and letters, and he also shapes his poems to fit the theme. He writes his poems in structures that exemplify his emotions and feelings when writing the poem. E. E. Cummings displays different and unique structures that exemplify his common themes of love, nature …show more content…
Cummings wrote poems that celebrate nature as a cycle of experience. He relates the changing of seasons to moods and changing of humans. He often writes about the seasons, animals, and plants. He also writes about his personal experiences in nature and the places he has been. The moods of Cummings poems generally change according to the experience and season. He relates the changing of seasons to moods and changing of humans. If Cummings writes about spring, the poem is joyful and cheery. If he writes about winter, he makes the poem more somber and gloomy. “in Just-” is a nature poem written by Cummings. The poem is based on life in the spring and carnival season. Cummings uses lively and gleeful words such as, “whistles far and wee” (Cummings 638), to show the poem’s cheerful mood in the blissful season and happy time. By Cummings’s use of words, “he captures both the feeling and meaning of spring” (Rollyson 1945). Cummings structures “in Just-” with a lot of extra spacing to be able to control how long his readers meditate on a certain idea. His poem has a very limited number of words on one line and is oddly punctuated. Cummings also merges some words together such as when Cummings adds, “eddieandbill” (Cummings 638). The merging of words creates a sense of confusion and need for thinking. Cummings enjoys playing with his readers on thinking and interpreting. Most of Cummings’s nature poems are very good examples of how he relates his structure and shape of his poem to the meaning and

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