The Theme Of Characterism In The Garden-Party By Katherine Mansfield

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Discrimination in Societies
The short story “The Garden-Party” written by Katherine Mansfield is based on the writer’s childhood memories from his home town in New Zealand. Character’s name used in the story illustrates a distinction between upper class and lower class society. This story is based on upper class teen girl Laura, who has a different prospective than her siblings and mother. Laura Sheridan daughter of Mrs. Sheridan is the protagonist of the story. Although Laura belongs to a middle class family, she was entitled to all the amenities, good life style and family regale, but she always wanted to reveal how sober minded she can be. Mansfield magnificently describes in Laura’s immature character that society discrimination is not
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Sheridan suggests Laura to bring not only the basket of leftover food but also the lily flowers to Mr. Scott’s home. In the first place, Laura felt anxious about taking leftover food to his family and advised it would be insulting for them. But Mrs. Sheridan insisted her and said that Scott’s family will appreciate the food. For this reason, Laura agreed to her mother and sets off for Mr. Scott’s home in her same fancy lace dress and hat, one she was wearing at the party. As soon as Laura enters the impoverished area of the town she instantly felt ashamed of her clothing, and in the meanwhile it started to get little dark. She wanted nobody to see her in those clothes, with this intension she wanted to flee back in her society as quickly as possible. When Laura approached in front of Mr. Scott’s house, a crowd was gathered there. Laura first thought that she would leave the basket at the door steeps but Mr. Scott’s sister came to the door and directed her inside the house and asked her to see Mr. Scott’s face for the last time. Mr. Scott’s dead body was lying in the back bedroom. Laura found Mr. Scott more handsome in death than he ever had been when he was alive. Under those circumstances she felt a deep sense of shame, and got desperate about her clothing. Only words she was able to mumble, while she was sobbing were “Forgive my hat” and straightaway ran out from the room (337). On the way back to her home, she met Laurie coming down to bring her home. She took Laurie’s arm and pressed herself against him and repeatedly said, “Isn’t life”

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