The Test Of A Good Friend Essay

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The test of a good friend, is their loyalty. What would a friend do if you are going through a rough time? Would they stay by you or walk away? What if you embarrass them? Would they hold a grudge or be understanding and forgive you? In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan is the kind of friend most people wish to have; he is loyal, kind, understanding, trustworthy, brave, the list could go on. Amir, however, is the exact opposite of him, yet Hassan remains a loyal friend to him throughout their lives. This loyalty is shown in the many ways that he cooperates with Amir, stands up for him, and in the many times he sacrifices for him.
Hassan and Amir grew up together, and although they were very different, they acted just like brothers. Sure enough, Hassan’s first word had been Amir. The two learned to crawl and ride bikes together; they spent summer days chasing each other through the yard, playing an array of games, and torturing insects. They saw their first Western movie together, and often wandered through the bazaars enjoying each others company. During the school year, they had a daily routine that ended at the cemetery atop the hill which led to their claiming of the pomegranate tree by marking it with, “Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” (27). These childhood memories gave life to the undoubting friendship between Hassan and Amir. As kids, Hassan played along with many of Amir’s cruel games and went against his nature to please his friend. Amir came up…

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