Essay on The Tedious Battle Of Equal Rights For Women 's Suffrage

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The tedious battle of equal rights for women in the 20th century lasted nearly one hundred years. (“Alice Paul: Feminist, Suffragist, and Political Strategist”) Many important women made significant impressions in this overcoming this struggle. Women’s suffrage, or their right to vote, was a concept that was fought for by a multitude of dedicated individuals. Alice Paul was a women’s rights activist who utilized her determination, education, courage, and persistence to make an everlasting impact on society. She was one of the few women who had the audacity to stand up for what she believed in. Alice Paul had one of the most powerful influences on women’s role in society not only in the United States, but also around the world. The longing for women’s suffrage began before the Civil War, and even before Alice Paul was involved. During this time, all white men had been given the right to vote. This resulted in women being angry, which brought a new way of thinking to the United States. In 1848, a group of many women and a few men held the Seneca Falls Convention, which discussed women’s rights. They all supported the idea of women having the right to vote. After the war ended, two amendments were passed that gave women hope for being granted the right to vote. The first was the 14th amendment, which gave citizenship to all people born and naturalized in the United States. The second was the 15th amendment, which gave all black men the right to vote. In 1869, the National…

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