The Technological Advances Of The Industrial Revolution Essay examples

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The industrial revolution brought America many new technological advances that were economically and socially beneficial. During industrialization Henry Ford brought the auto mobile to America which allowed people to live farther from their jobs and allowed farmers to become less isolated. Henry Ford also invented the moving assembly line which was a huge step in the future of industrialization. This assembly line made it possible to produce items faster, and this mass production process helped companies collect more profit. But industrialization also caused many problems that outweighed the gains of the machine age. While industrialization helped the rich "fat cats" get fatter, it also put financial and social stress on the working class as well as the poor. Social stress was mainly indured by immigrants who came to America for a better life. Most of them could not speak English well and were taken advantage of and schemed quite often. Immigrants often had a naive fantasy of the American dream, and fell for cons they thought would lead them to their fantasy. Another social stress people went through was the reality that you could not moved forward in life unless you were high up in connections and scheme groups. And the only way you could have city connections is if you were rich, or an immensely well known con man. It also proved that a life of crime was the only way most people could survive. One of the biggest schemes involving immigrants was vote buying, American…

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