Essay about The Teachings Of Mere Christianity

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Before reading Mere Christianity, I questioned my faith a little in terms of where God is in my life. I know there is a God, but I didn’t know why he is always silent in the time of need. I didn’t know why we had morals and why there were important to society. Also, I didn’t understand why there was suffering in the world. C.S Lewis’ teachings in Mere Christianity made me question the topic of morality, why there are goodness and badness in the world, and how the goodness of God lives inside Christians.
C.S. Lewis believed in a fact that there was an external force that gave us a moral compass of knowing right from wrong. “Quarrelling means trying to show that the other man is wrong. And there would be no sense in trying to do that unless you and he had some sort of agreement as to what Right and Wrong are” (Lewis 18). He believed if there was a moral understanding out there, then the moral teacher is God. The agreement will further his opinion that there is some universal view of right and wrong. Though, some of my questioning comes from this universal interpretation of right and wrong. For example, if a man kills one innocent woman when saving three other lives, would that morally be right? If the bible is clear about murdering and he is murdering someone could that be seen as wrong? But, people would say it’s an exception since he saves three other lives. Also, another idea is maybe because the bible applies to the people of that time, it doesn’t apply to people now. But,…

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