The Tale Of Two Monsters Essay example

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Frankenstein Essay: The Tale of Two Monsters
Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, has been a staple in literary history since the early 19th century. Throughout the story, Victor obsesses over his work and craves knowledge, while the monster displays a strong sense of emotional misunderstanding. When you put the two characters together, they show signs of autism. Given the time, I think it is possible that Mary Shelley was trying to hint at the discrimination of those suffering from mental and physical disabilities. Which is why I stand by the belief that Victor Frankenstein’s monster is Victor and the story itself is a reflection of society at that time.
From the very beginning Victor displays characteristics of autism, a disorder that is classified as having a difficult time interacting in social environments, but still showing a proficiency in other academic areas. Those who have autism are commonly described as being distant and unable to understand the emotions of others. People with the disorder are also known to have obsessive behaviours when it comes to certain activities. Both of these symptoms are shown a multitude of times with Victor. Victor loved learning and as a child he specifically talked about reading natural philosophy, “I read and studied the wild fancies of these writers with delight; they appeared to me treasures known to few beside myself” (Shelley 31). He continues this love into university where he furthered his studies in natural philosophy.…

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