Essay on The Tale Of Snow White

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One of the oldest forms of story telling was the oral story of the magical fairy tales. These tales were not just for children but also for the community to gather and take their imagination to different places. However, this magical land greatly expanded after the invention of the printing press, which led to massive amounts of fairy tale literature to be mass-produced, eliminating fairy tales the way Charles Parrault and the Grims brothers in tended their stories to be told. One story that has been reworked for the mass audiences is Snow White. The story of Snow White was about a girl who was abandoned by her stepmother however, was able to survive through the inner workings of nature and chance. This story becomes a romantic story once Disney takes it and mass-produces it for monetary gains. Two critics, one being Jack Zipes, who argues Disney, took the fairy tale in order too present it to the upper class and gain capital from this portrayal. The other critic being Donald Haase argues that it 's the duty of society to take back the fairy tales from the corporations who wish to make monetary wealth from exploiting the literature. The dialogue between Jack Zipes and Donald Haase will illustrate how corporations were able to exploits stories such as Snow White and how society can make shift towards correcting this exposition. First, it is important to look at the arguments that Zipes makes in regards to the Disney enterprise that was created by Walt Disney. Zipes argues…

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