Symbolism In A Doll's House

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To begin with, symbolism is a powerful tool incorporated into plays that can be utilized for different purposes. In Doll’s House, a predominant symbol is the Christmas tree that is delivered to Nora’s house. The simple explicit message is that the tree coveys to readers that Christmas is approaching. It is a festive object meant to serve as a decorative and symbolizes family happiness and unity. However, the Christmas tree is more than just a festive object. In the play, the tree seems to mimic Nora’s psychological state and draws multiple parallels in the play. In addition, it seems to also symbolize Nora’s position in the household as a plaything who is someone that is pleasing and adds charm to the home. Just like how Nora instructs the …show more content…
New Year’s is something both Nora and Torvald both look forward to. Torvald will be starting his new job as a bank manager and is excited about the admiration and the extra money he will be receiving. Nora is happy for Torvald as she will finally be able to repay her secret debt. However, by the end of the play, Nora and Torvald have changed dramatically. They both become new people and face a different lifestyle. Therefore, the new year comes to be a symbol of a truly a new beginning and different period in both their lives. Just like how both Helmers is reborn, Krogstad and Christine are reborn as well. From being two shipwrecked people, they join forces and each gets a fresh start in life. In their renewed love affair is an opportunity for salvation. Christine has someone she can care for while Krogstad will try to increase his standing with the community while having Christine’s influence to make him a better person. This symbol reiterates the story’s theme of rebirth and realization. The majority of the characters have a realization and even though it may not be a jolly ending undergo a type of rebirth that leads them to a better

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