The Sustainability Policy Scope For The Magnetite Project Whyalla ( Sa )

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1.0 Sustainability Vision

Thiess intend to create a brighter future together with the communities we operate in, by putting into action sustainable programs, and practices that look for substantial reductions of the carbon footprint associated with most of the core business activities of our organization.

This is done by inspiring a sense of individual & collective ownership on what we do and how we do it in relation to our undeniable ethical commitment to preserve and protect the environment, its biodiversity and it’s non-renewable resources, for the present generation and the ones to come.

At the same time, we deliver creative and innovative technological solutions that not only add value to our shareholders, while improving the environmental, social and economic conditions of those communities we engage, but also taken care of not causing harm to our planet.
1.1 Scope for Sustainability Policy

Thiess sustainability policy scope for the magnetite project Whyalla (SA) specifically governs our daily operational activities/goods & services provided through the following operational areas: energy consumption, water management, waste & dust emissions management, land management and biodiversity (natural resources & wildlife).

Therefore we have the obligation with all our stakeholders to exercise the most comprehensive duty of care to minimise/mitigate such impact. This is why; Thiess is strongly committed to comply with all the relevant environment sustainability…

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