The Suicide Of Septimus By Virginia Woolf Essay examples

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Is it cowardly or noble to take one’s life? Across generations and cultures, there are various forms and interpretation of suicide, which causes authors to portray and analyze it within their novels. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf portrays and examines the traumatic suicide of Septimus; a mentally disabled and scarred veteran who would rather take his own life then receive medical care from doctor’s at a mental institution. On the interpretation of suicide, Woolf dramatizes the death of Septimus to show his courage. In the end, he was able to demonstrate the moral point of his death that he could not communicate while alive.
Septimus, an ordinary gentleman, who had extraordinary love for literature, decided to enlist himself in the army. He went into war as a hopeless romantic and came back a disillusioned, empty shell. Septimus never spoke in complete sentences that often and often conversed with the voices in his head, as well as his fallen comrade. He described how he felt as “quite alone” and “there was a luxury in it, and isolation full of sublimity; a freedom which the attached can never know” (92). Suicide was seen, and still seen, as a negative. This is portrayed by the words Woolf used throughout the book such as “alone, condemned, [and] deserted” (92). With the death of Septimus, Woolf tried to change the negative condensation associate with suicide. She portrayed the death as peaceful and an escape of one’s demons instead of destructive.
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