Essay on The Struggles Of The Immigrant Girls By Helen Thorpe

1007 Words Feb 12th, 2016 null Page
Helen Thorpe illustrates the struggles of four immigrant girls all with similar dispositions of attending college. Collectively, these young women strive to achieve the American dream of one day successfully attending college. Despite the unfavorable odds, which were heavily present for two, the four women are accepted into college, two without proper documentation, and the other two with good documentation. The author depicts the efforts of these immigrant students attempting to be acclimated to live away from their kinship systems, the dorm life, and the difficulties in managing financial responsibilities. The resiliency conveyed by these women are amazing and worth noting, as the author provides the readers a glimpse into the endeavors of non-fictional characters attending college while possessing an illegal status in Denver Colorado (Thorpe 2009). Yadira builds up the courage to finally apply for an identity card with the Mexican Consulate. It quickly becomes apparent that she does not quite fit the criteria of other Mexican applicants, as she cannot accurately read the Spanish application. This would resonate negative ideation concerning the identity card process, as she believed that since she failed to understand the Spanish form, she would be a victim of discrimination as a result. In spite of the adversity that surrounds her, she manages to do extremely well at Denver University expanding her mental capacities (Thorpe 2009). To…

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