Essay about The Strongest Human Drives Is A Desire For Power

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One of the strongest human drives is a desire for power. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing is a classic example of this behavior. Throughout the novel, Van Helsing seeks to gain power over others believing that he is to carry out God’s message by ridding the world of evil. This is exemplified in his killing of Lucy Westenra, leading the other men to destroy vampires alongside him, and in introducing Catholicism into the lives of the English. By integrating himself into the circle of characters, Van Helsing seeks to exert power over the others as the figurehead of unwavering righteousness. Abraham Van Helsing comes into the lives of the cast of Dracula through association with Dr. John Seward. An intelligent, skilled, and well-balanced man, Van Helsing seems the only candidate to possess the qualities to defeat Count Dracula. The Count is seen as a threat to modern social order by Van Helsing and the others due to his liberation of women and decay of society as well as danger to current sciences. A Catholic man, Van Helsing personally views Count Dracula as not only a threat to western Europe, but as a threat to his religion and what he views as morally right. Even the Count’s act of drinking blood perverses the Christian ritual of communion; moreover, his appearance rivals that of Satan with flaming red eyes and fanged teeth. As such, Van Helsing becomes determined to rid the world of Dracula’s influence by enlisting the help of the others, and by establishing…

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