The Strange Occurrences Surrounding The Death Of Christopher Marlowe

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Mysteries have always had a great hold on society. They have a way of catching the reader’s attention by keeping them guessing, even yearning to find out. The strange occurrences surrounding the death of Christopher Marlowe is one such mystery. His early death at the age of 29 came as a shock and set scholars off on a hunt to determine how he died and the true reason for his death. It has baffled some of the most proficient researchers and continues to have new theories presented about it. What is it about this man that makes his death so intriguing? Marlowe is most well-known as a playwright during the Elizabethan era who made several changes to the way that plays were written and performed. He wrote plays that challenged the status quo and religious morals that dominated societal thinking. Aside from his plays and the few records kept by his schools, not much is truly known about this Elizabethan playwright, leaving much of Marlowe’s life open to interpretation. Some believe that he was an aid for the British government and that his death was a result of this, yet others see it as his way of escaping society to continue his writings. Was there a plot to kill him as has been suggested, was it staged to look like his death or something else? Before attempting to answer this question some background information is needed to come to any conclusion. Marlowe started out life in the town of Canterbury, Kent. Born to shoemakers John and Katherine, the first several years of his…

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