The Strange Career Of Jim Crow Essay

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Since its publication, C. Vann Woodward’s The Strange Career of Jim Crow remains one of the most fundamental books that informs readers about the history of the American South Although it has been misunderstood to highlight racial discrimination that existed between white and African- Americans, a closer assessment indicates that the author was specifically illustrating the history of the South. Through his writing, Woodward tried to solve the historical problems that existed in the South during the emancipation period. The segregation of Black Americans, Jim Crow Laws, and the integration of all people regardless of their race were among the main problems highlighted by the above- mentioned historian. It shows clearly that the author, Vann Woodward, well elaborated the social and political forces that were embraced during the implementation of the Jim Crow Laws during the 1890’s. As the writer states in the book, after the Civil War, there had to be a reconstruction period where considerable political and social integration of the two races had to take place in the South. As such, the segregation of African Americans from Whites based on race during the implementation of the Jim Crow Laws was a more current development in the South, but was not thought of until it took effect in the 1890’s.
Overall Summary
Jim Crow refers to the compound body of laws and social customs that were served to establish and constantly maintain the existence of race segregation in the South…

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