The Story Of The Narrator Essay

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Going back to the first part of this segment, when the narrator is describing how Zulema first told her about how she felt, and what happened after she was told that her mother left, she mentions that Zulema had started crying, and how she had listened through her own tears. “Suddenly she started to sob, holding the photo to her breast. Through my own tears, I heard her describe how she had waited for days on end for her mother’s return…” (Fernández and Franco 386/7) This sentence gives further indication as to how close the narrator was to her aunt as once Zulema started to cry, the narrator started to cry as well. It could also just be the narrator describing how the story had made her feel very sad, and caused her to cry, which could also indicate how she was so close to her aunt that she was able to understand how deeply troubled that experience had made her aunt, and how touched the narrator felt that she was sharing such an intimate memory with her. Another portion of the second segment of the story tells how alike the narrator felt she was to her aunt when, towards the end of the segment, Zulema’s daughter walks into the room where Zulema and the narrator were and states, “You two live in your special little world, with all your cuentos” (Fernández and Franco 391) that particular line is really telling as, although the narrator never really mentions anything about herself, never describes how she looks, nor even gives her name, the reader is given the thought that…

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