The Stereotypes Of The Media Essay

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The world is aware of the oppressions that women face in their daily lives, but no one seems to be doing anything. These oppressions have occurred for so much of history, that it is often times overlooked by the mass majority; even the younger generations of women do not know the types of oppressions that they will soon have to face. To combat these issues fading into the background,, a well known organization that sells t-shirts and other merchandise with witty anti-racism, anti-homophobic, and pro-feminist catchphrases on them, created the video, “Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism”. As the title implies, the video contains little girls, ages six through eleven, aggressively yelling “FUCK,” towards the camera while rattling off facts and statistics about some of the oppressions women face because of their gender. The comment section of this video is erratic; the viewers often have conflicting views about the meaning of the video as well as whether or not it was successful in its purpose. One thing is for sure, the video makes an impact by using several rhetorical devices, including word choice, pathos and logos; all which separate it from other pro-feminism videos that exist.’s video made an abundance of creative decisions that made each of its viewers have an intense reaction, dependent on the viewer, this reaction was either positive or negative. These decisions created an impact in its audience, which means the video overflowed…

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