Essay about The State 's Corrections And Criminal Justice System

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Prisons in Alabama are currently holding almost twice as many individuals as their capacity and the state has the 4th highest incarceration rate in the country. In response to this situation, the state embarked on criminal justice reform in 2015 with the passage of SB 67. This bill is expected to reduce state’s prison population by more than 4,200 people and avert more than $380 million in future costs. At the time, Senator Cam Ward (R), commented: “This is the first step in a long road we have ahead to fixing our corrections system.” In contrast to these reforms, Governor Bentley unsuccessfully sought legislation in 2016 that would provide for the construction of four new prisons in the state at a cost of $800 million. Giving the pressing nature of the problems faced by the state, criminal justice reform will continue to be an important topic in the future.

In recent years, Alaska has embarked on a comprehensive review of the state’s corrections and criminal justice systems. In 2014, the legislature established a bi-partisan commission to analyze the state’s current criminal justice practices. The commission released its report in December of 2015, providing the state with guidance and recommendations for future reform. This report led the legislature to enact SB 91 in 2016, which sought to create a justice system in the state that provides a constructive culture, values proportional punishment, increased public safety, and reduced taxpayer…

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