The State, Law, Surveillance, Religion And Society Essay

841 Words Jan 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Power is a common word which has many different meanings. Power exists in each and everyone of us. State governments, which is made up from a selected class of people, create decisions and hold the power to control the societies, these decisions can affect the lives of many people and their societies. This essay will examine the relationship between the state, law, surveillance, religion and society and will discuss the abuse of power by the state using surveillance on societies, particularly the Muslim communities.

The term state is defined as group of institutions that lead a territory and create laws that control societies and the behaviour of the people who reside in the territory (Abercrombie, Hill & Turner, 2006, p. 378). Weber suggests the state involves many institutions which includes legislature that determines on the making of the law, a government administration to oversee these laws, a judiciary, a legal system, and the police force to impose the law. Weber also suggests the military force is reliable for the protection of the state from any terrorism (Van Kriekan, Habibis, Smith, Hutchins, Martin & Maton, 2014, p. 336). The functional component of state, is the control and the binding of rule making which decides and writes the law, which provides power of control and enforces, establishes and eliminates behaviours with social influence within its territory, therefore state power uses the authority to establish rules, laws, regulations that maintain guidelines…

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