Essay on The Standard Deviation Of 16.4

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standard deviation of 16.4. This latter, the standard deviation is an indication of the dispersion, or how widely the reported scores spread out around the mean value of 85.1. Here, although the mean and the median are almost identical, the former is preferable because it provides a better representation across the spectrum of data, and therefore a better measure of central tendency (Thorndike & Thorndike-Christ, 2009). But with a mode of 66.0, it shows that some data are far off the mean, however without necessarily dragging neither the mean nor the median along.
In the same vein, the GPA for the students (N=40) portrayed a mean of 2.73, a median of 2.85, a mode of 2.90, yielding a standard deviation of .64815. This implies that the GPA of the students are distributed fairly evenly across the data set, representing a normal distribution, with most of the data close to the mean, demonstrating a quasi-inform pattern.
Standard deviation. A low standard deviation indicates closer proximity to the mean score of collected data, while a large deviation from the mean shows a spread and increased variability of the overall data away from the mean (Johnston, 2000). This latter finding would imply that outliers are likely at fault, attempting to stretch the scores on either sides of the central tendency. In the context of the SPSS Output Summary, the standard deviation on the GPA scores was noted .64815 against a mean of 2.73, while IQ scores show a standard deviation of 16.4, on a…

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