The Stage Of My Life And Religious Stages Of Life

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Register to read the introduction… Individual: A Happily married man 3. He could commit himself to marriage instead of finding meaningless relationships out and about. 4. Instead of waking up and doing something random that doesn’t help his family at all, like playing video games all day or hanging out with friends, he could get up and go to work every day on time. vii. My own personal experience: I am currently in this stage of my life at the moment. 5. Wake up early every morning to bathe and feed my daughter breakfast. If I didn’t my daughter would go malnourished from eating candy all the time or stale food. 6. Every night I prepare dinner because my wife can only cook 3 things. Seriously hehe. But if I didn’t then I’d eat spaghetti every 3 days or be broke from buying take out every night. f. The Religious Stage: This stage is where you believe without question or doubt. This is where you take what is said by god and follow through with no concerns but what god wants. viii. Individual known: Abraham and Isaac 7. Abraham was going to kill his only son because god said so. He didn’t question god wondering and asking why God wanted him to sacrifice his only boy. He followed with absolute faith in god, knowing that he would lose his son, but there is a reason why God asked him to do

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