The Sports Of Kings, Better Than Diamond Rings Essay

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“It’s the sport of Kings, better than diamond rings……” (LL Cool J, 1986). All across the country, football, both college and professional, has its own cult-like following. Fans of both leagues eagerly anticipate kick-off whether it is on Saturday, for college football fans, or Sunday, for professional football fans. An additional fix is available for college football fans on Thursday. Professional fans get their extra dose on Monday nights. Admittedly, there are many similarities among the National Collegiate Football Association (NCAA) and the National Football League (NFL). Both have extremely loyal, boisterous, and diehard fans. Both play four quarters and the players try their best to get the ball across the goal line. Although there are more similarities in how the game is played, it is the differences, such as the two-minute warning, the knee-down rule, and overtime, that really distinguish the game.
Its Saturday afternoon at Bryant-Denny Stadium and a buzzer sounds the two-minute warning before the end of the second quarter. The Crimson Tide players continue the game. For collegiate players, the two minute warning is just an indication that the first or third quarter is about to end. In the NFL, though, this same buzzer indicates a mandatory time-out with professional players leaving the field, grabbing something to quench their thirst, and planning strategy for the last two minutes. As stated in the Digest of Rules of the National…

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