Essay The Souls Of Black Folk

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The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were not a place of comfort for a man of color. W.E.B DuBois expresses this fact in his book The Souls of Black Folk; however, he does so through utilizing many unique writing styles. DuBois breaks his book down into different sections, each utilizing a new style of writing in order to signify the importance of black unity in order to combat the problem of the nineteenth century is none other than the “color-line.” The most prevalent styles out the large variety however are sociological, analytical, economic, and religious in origin; and through them DuBois conveys his messages concerning the “color-line” and need for African-American unity in an easily comprehensible manner, and in a way that touches all aspects of African-American culture.

Within the first few chapters, DuBois starts the reader off with a combined sociological and analytical outlook of the reasons behind the creation of the “color-line”. Through these methods, DuBois expresses his beliefs of the Civil War, and how it a war fought over the concept of slavery. He goes one step further, and in a detailed analysis explains how the Northern victory may have changed laws on paper to benefit African-Americans, but socially the “color-line” still existed. On a sociological approach of society, DuBois expresses how African-Americans are treated as second class citizens in a country established by white Americans. This feeling of societal oppression leads to the concept of…

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