Essay on The Sorrow Of War By Bao Ninh

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In the novel The Sorrow of War, by Bao Ninh, it explores the internal struggle of a veteran; he had fought in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The main character of the novel, Kien, participated in the war on the day that it broke out and resigned on the day that it ended. He survives through the nineteen years of intense violence in the warfare. Not only did he fight in the Vietnam War, but also he was fighting in the front lines throughout the war, which decrease his chance of surviving enormously. Some might argue that Kien acquires a special survival skill that allows him to survive the war, but I believe it is his role that enables him to survive. Bao Ninh designated Kien 's role as a psychopomp in his novel, which made Kien a mediator between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. As a psychopomp, his job is to witness the death of others and assist their souls travel to the unconscious world. Throughout the novel, Kien did witness many tragic deaths. Moreover, his destiny as a psychopomp is to be immortal, which explain why Kien survived throughout the furious war. Bao Ninh made a choice to assign Kien as a Psychopomp so the reader can comprehend the life of Vietnamese during Vietnam War era by learning different peoples ' last words.

As an archetypal psychopomp, Kien will witness the death of his comrades throughout the war. Not only did he witness their death, but also he will learn their true inter-emotion before their death. Most humans tend…

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