The Socratic Definition Of Sex Essay

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Section A:
The Socratic definition of sex that was constructed in class seminar articulates that sex includes at least two parties from the same species that also involves the physical penetration with a minimum of one authentic reproductive organ. This definition approves of homosexual sex as well because of the types of penetration that is happening. Lesbians having sex with a strap on penis or dildo being inserted into the vaginal cavity is accounted for as sex. Also, male to male sexual intercourse involving the penis and the anus is constituted is sex. Homosexual relationships are common and acceptable in today’s society and therefore it is necessary for homosexual sex to be considered as sex on the same spectrum as heterosexual sex. As long as one reproductive organ is involved (penis/vagina) it is considered as sex and therefore this involves oral sex, fingering, hand jobs, anal sex, and using toys.
This definition also constricts sex to two parties from the same species to be classified as sexual intercourse. Therefore, bestiality is not accepted in this definition. It is it morally impermissible for humans to have sex with animals under any circumstances. Although if two animals have intercourse it will be considered as sex because both parties are from the animal species as long as one reproductive organ is involved in the penetration. This definition is pretty general and allows for heterosexual and homosexual relationships to be accepted and basically all forms…

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