The Social Power Of Pierre Bourdieu 's Habitus Essay

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The social power of Pierre Bourdieu’s habitus can simply be described as a manifested system of tastes where our actions are guided by structure but individuals have the agency or “freewill” to make our own choices. Consciously and unconsciously, we as individuals internalize elements for our social distinctions, dispositions, and an ideology that is going through a constant dialectical battle between structure and agency. “The way society gets inside of us” essentially depicts Bourdieu’s view on habitus which shows that society ultimately places constraints on an individual. Distinctive taste in cultural aspects such as food, fashion, mannerisms, or even our “choices” in entertainment we have been prescribed a social structure in determining social class. As these formations of social class are created and continuously being repeated and reproduced, capital is being constructed. Capital that has the ability to dictate ones social class standing whether it being economic, cultural, social or symbolic, each individually holding its own distinctive shares an interdependence in determining placement for people. Through the creation of capital, an existing structure called a field essentially serves as a placement for the habitus. However, there is a constant competition between classes for resources so the field is truly a site of struggle and conflict of interest for individuals. This battle is also known as symbolic violence can be described as everyday clash of interest…

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