The Social Class System Of America Essay

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1a.) After reading the articles, the social class system in America appears to be a tragedy. For example: Growing up I was surrounded by people with the same background as me. Before I came to America, I was living a pretty good life and most importantly, social class did not matter as much it does in America. However, that was not the case when I moved into this country. As an African, I used to think that America is the place of equal opportunities where hard work leads to success. But after spending years in this country seeing rich people getting richer every day and getting access to pretty much everything they desire, now I believe that social class shapes choices, opportunities, and belongings. In the People Like US video, Tammy’s son appears to hide his struggles to his friends to make himself feel like he has as same choices, opportunities, and belongings as his friends. This is so hurtful because he has to lie to get accepted into that class that he does not belong. This shows the danger of social classification because it makes people do things that will harm them socially and spiritually.
The Newman text criticizes that hard work does not necessarily makes people successful. I totally agree with Newman’s critics here because the low class people appears to work harder than but they are not as successful as the upper class. For example: Tammy goes to work every day by walking about 12 miles on a rainy day. However, she is not as rich as the top 20% of the…

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