The Snow Is A Symbol For White Culture Essay

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The snow could be interpreted as a symbol for white culture, as it envelops Bigger literally, as he being searched by a mass of white people, searching for him. The snow begins to fall after he kills Mary, and this could hint at how his emotions are starting to become buried and controlled by the white people, and how his world is being enveloped by their concern. He thinks he can stay ahead of them, but it blankets around him, nonetheless. The snow represents how white’s choices and decisions affect him, no matter how fast he runs and where he tries to hide. It oppresses him and encompasses him, and he is practically driven to madness at how it controls his every action, and how he must consider it every time he steps outside. The suffocating nature of the snow is a constant reminder of how the whites control him and his community.

The rat could also symbolize Bigger in the Dalton household. Initially a vermin to be ignored (Bigger is treated with more kindness though) the fear in Bigger causes him to lash out, leading to a series of attempts to drive him out. As the rat attempts to escape, Bigger blocks its escape routes, so it must fight. This echoes Bigger’s often said quote about being back into a corner and having nothing left to do but fight. The rat is an ugly sight, a symbol of how poor the family of Bigger Thomas is. The rat can also represent Bigger’s inner fear and shame, the root emotions of hatred. The rat, after the symbolic alarm clock that represents that…

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