Essay about The Slavery Of The United States Slavery

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In the beginning centuries of the United States slavery was a very prominent part of the economy, especially in the southern states who depended on slavery to help the productiveness of their crops. Today it is easy to look back and see that what our ancestors did was wrong, but back then that was just the way things were. Frederick Douglass was a man who was born into a world where he would never truly see the justice that he knew he, and countless others deserved. Douglass was a slave, and from a young age he realized that part of his life would probably never change. He caught his first glimpse of hope when his owner’s wife began to teach him to read. Though she eventually realized her mistake, it was too late. After learning to read Douglass used his resources to teach himself how to write. “White playmates helped Frederick, and he soon learned to read well. His reading of a book of speeches denouncing slavery and oppression deepened his hatred of slavery” (Britannica). With this basic knowledge Douglass gained insight into how the world worked, and from there he developed his own political views. His views were centered on slavery because that was the reality of his life. He knew that the way he was being treated was wrong, and that it went against the justice that the law was supposed to give people. Frederick Douglass was a big part of the abolitionist movement and in many ways helped pave the way for what Martin Luther King would do much later. Frederick Douglass…

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